10/03/2017: My beautiful grandmother, Loraine Jennifer John, was the most loving person ever. She loved all of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren unconditionally. She was way ahead of her time with her forward thinking. She was hilarious, knowledgeable, strong, and really brave. She was an advocate for our family and a god send to everyone else that knew her. This was because she had a lovely spirit, so her heart was kind and giving to everyone, no matter who they were. Even though she’d talk about the disgusting ways of people, it never stopped her from seeing the good in them. I doubt that anyone who ever met my granny, was able to interact with her, and knew her, would have anything negative to say about her. She was kind, and that was just an integral part of who she was as a person. I can’t imagine what she’s been through, in terms of pain, for these past three months leading up to this moment— but I do believe that she held on for all of us in this family. I also believe that her passing was a surprise to herself as well, because she honestly loved living and talking and being with people. She always dreamed of a day when all of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren would be in the same place with her. A true testament as to how much she valued each and everyone of us. As I stand here today, I remember when she was in the hospital, in and out of consciousness, and asked me “why are you crying over me like that,” and I said ‘because granny, I want you to get up and stop sleeping.’ And all she did was laugh. Unsurprisingly, as a testament to her strength, she did do that for me, and for all of us. She did get up. She did get better. She did go home, and graced each and every last one of us with more time with her. I’m happy that she was able to do that, even though I am, and I am sure we all are, heartbroken beyond belief that she is gone. Even as I stand up here today, it is heart breaking to refer to my grandmother in the past tense. She will never physically be with anyone of us again. We won’t get that phone call, we won’t be able to answer that face time. And we won’t be able to go and visit her or cook  food with her anymore. But I do believe that she is at peace. I do believe that her memories and her spirit will always be there with each and everyone of us. Her presence on this earth was just too profound to just disappear after death. And with that, she will always be my granny, your mother, your sister, your aunt, and your great gran—making sure that everything is alright with everyone. I love you granny.

-Sincerely, Tawm

p.s. my granny always called me Tamanisha <3

This was my speech in dedication to her being at her viewing.