The final tax bill by the GOP is still trash.

Although the #GradTax is no longer in the bill, the #GOPTaxPlan still shits on the lower and middle classes in the long term— and does nothing for U.S. economic growth.

We will most likely experience another recession/depression in 2020/2021 —and even though, to all my fellow graduate students, it looks like they won’t be taxing fictitious income—as low-income Americans, we will suffer still in the long term.

Additionally, the current administration continues to pose threats to higher education and a free internet.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) was just given a list of banned words, in an effort to avoid certain types of language so that it could “ease the path toward budget approval by Republicans.” Words, which will apparently trigger Republicans from ensuring the healthiness of Americans include things like:








This is obviously an assault on the sciences, to further debate amongst the American public– on things where there should be none (e.g. things like Climate Change that are only up for debate within the United States)

151364749114633To make matters worse, in spite of the fraud committed on the FCC website, 83% of the American public not wanting to repeal #NeNeutrality, and the two speeches given by FCC members Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel — Ajit Pai and the other two corporate shills, still repealed net neutrality.

Where we are heading as a country, should worry and startle everyone. I am already making the case that the U.S. is a fascist state. I think if Henry Wallace were alive today, he would agree with me.

This explanation explains (1) why all channels of information is currently being poisoned and losing their legitimacy amongst the American public, and (2) why those channels not yet poisoned are currently heading down the road to being censored (so please donate to your favorite independent media). To top it all off, rumors of private security forces to counter a “deep state” also fuels this narrative, along with current public-private partnerships being had amongst reserves and corporations (USPS?).

Remember to #StayWoke this Holiday Season and make the connections.