I have some exciting news!

A section of my Master’s paper was published today by COHA, entitled ‘Canada’s Financial Dominance in the Former English Caribbean Colonies (FECC).’

You can check it out here.

Throughout the the Fall ’17 semester, I have been trying to publish this particular section because I felt that it was relevant, not receiving much attention academically, and going to contribute more to the topic due to my conclusions and connections that were drawn from the literature and data.

Needless to say, this portion was rejected and usually without explanation and it made me feel a bit saddened. My work felt like it was not receiving the outlet that it deserved and I felt less ‘valid’ in some respects because of it. Especially since I dedicated time to trying to polish this section to be the best that it could be on my own and with minor inputs from my already working friends.

However, I became more focused on getting it out there in spite of the minor setbacks. I sent an email to COHA and shared with them this piece and they felt that it was worthy. I was connected with a expert scholar and great editor (Dr. Ann Jefferson) and also introduced to a member at the U.N. whose work is connected to financial issues in the region (Winston Dookeran).

This is why it is always good to never spoil or sour connections.

And today, all of that hard work has finally paid off, as my piece was published on COHA’s website!

I will forever be grateful to COHA and former COHistA status! I would also in this post, like to thank my committee members that helped me during my MA process @ FIU: Dr. Cox, Dr. Damman, and Dr. Martín