So I have been having two thoughts today that I thought I’d share and also open up to comments on my thoughts.
Thought 1: Lately, I’ve been thinking about the role of the academic in all of the research that they do. I believe in activist research, however, if we are to say that morality is relative and thus conclude that it is illusive– and that objectivity is unrealistic–how do/should we advocate/fight for things in our work as academics?
I think that this is an important question, because I believe that inaction in the academy helps to produce conservatisms– and in some respects reinforce them.
For instance, if we are to say that we are committed to progressive causes in the academy, why is it, that in this space, we appoint conservative bodies which oppose progressivisms (e.g. unionization of grad students at specific places “we support,” but lets appoint the people against this in charge) /(e.g. let’s study these negative effects, but give “practical solutions” so that our work isn’t too political and hence unpublishable)?
Thought 2: I have been literally stressed out about DACA and the temporary protected status (TPS) of Haitians and Latino/a migrants which will be devastatingly impacted on Monday; along with Caribbean and Latin American low-skilled visa workers who can also see their visas cut/destroyed.
Although this is all happening, I feel like the real social effects of present economic downturn (showing itself via massive inequality) of the global capitalist system for those migrating out of the Caribbean (for instance) for economic opportunities– with increasing xenophobias and politicization of migrants and criminalization of their bodies is being had– is not receiving much focus. Much focus outside of headlines for an obvious anti-immigrant administration.
But these things are all happening globally. All happening simultaneously, and I am wondering (in relation to my first thought) when the academy will seriously address these issues. When those in the academy able to give voice to those in power, give voice to works which address these issues…