Last night on JANUARY 30TH, Trump addressed the Nation. 70% of his speech, as dissected by Politico, was either “False,” “Mostly False,” or “Pants on Fire False.” This to say, that if you actually tuned in to watch Trump’s #SOTU, then you are most likely less informed about the State of our Union, than you would’ve been had you not watched it at all.

Surprisingly, Trump starts off saying that the State of our Union is “stronger than ever”— who would’ve thought that just after a year in office, he’d “Make America Great Again?” Now, this is sarcasm which is hard to decipher in today’s political climate—but him saying that, should give you an idea about where the entirety of his speech headed. Essentially, thanks to Trump, everything wrong with America has already been fixed or is currently in the process of being fixed, thanks to him.

He proudly boasted about corporate tax cuts, lied about job creation under him—which is at a 2010 low—, fan-girled over our military industrial complex—except for the parts of it that are currently investigating those within his administration, continued to rail against un-reciprocal trade, said he would accomplish (HOW?) what no other President has with North Korea, and called all Americans “dreamers” (I’m not kidding and the irony was apparently lost on many…except for those on the white supremacist side of things).

One would expect people would rail against the nonsense spewed in Tump’s #SOTU by the mainstream media (I even thought amongst my facebook friends!), but no. Mainstream media and many people praised Trump’s SOTU address, not based on its content, but on “how well” he spoke. How he “didn’t go off script,” it’s almost as if not paying attention to the content (policy) got them/us here in the first place! Apparently, Trump just doesn’t have to sound like a dumb lunatic when he’s reading his teleprompter for them to bypass the evil that him and his administration are doing at home and abroad.

I skipped out on the Dems response to Trump, after I realized the bullshit that they were speaking about. I even posted on my Facebook— and I quote myself: The Democrats “resistance” would’ve been stronger against Sanders had he became President, than it is against Trump. Think about that.

Indeed, we are in SAD times. The most succinct analysis on Trump’s address, that I’ve read so far, was written by Patrick Martin on the World Socialist Website. In summation of Trump’s SOTU, Martin writes:

With Donald Trump, the real state of the union is revealed, not by the endless torrent of lies fashioned by his speechwriters, or the people they exploited as human props, but in the persona of the president himself: the first billionaire to occupy the White House, preening over the signal accomplishment of his first year in office—trillions of dollars in tax breaks for corporations and the super-rich.

In a speech that quickly received positive responses in the media, Trump cited the record-breaking rise in the stock market and the decision of major corporations to repatriate funds to the United States—since they can now do so virtually tax-free—as though these would benefit American workers.

However, Trump’s efforts to paint a portrait of a country on the rise, with living conditions improving, will not have fooled anyone. Only a few minutes after claiming that Americans have never had it so good, he noted that 64,000 people died of drug overdoses in America last year, a record number. This was one of his few concessions to social reality, which Trump used to demand increased police powers.

Thankfully, not everyone bought the “at least he doesn’t sound stupid” kool-aid.

Sander’s response was quite short and to the point. Although his live was interrupted for roughly 5 minutes, he came back on and basically fact-checked Trump’s speech and how what he is currently doing is at odds with what he said he’d do as President:

  1. Americans are going to pay for a border wall
  2. 3 million Americans have (still) lost healthcare due to GOP changes within the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare,” aka Romneycare rebranded)
  3. 3 Americans have seen a $68 billion plus increase in wealth this year, whereas the average American worker has seen a pay increase of $0.04 an hour
  4. Cuts to social security, medicaid, and medicare
  5. Only 2% of American workers reported a raise or bonus because of the tax bill
  6. No deduction in drug prices

For a full transcript of Sanders speech— the only speech that was worth listening to last night— click here. 


[Photo shared to me by my Uncle this morning via WhatsApp, I do not know the original source]