For those that know me, brunch is my favorite meal to have on the weekends. It most likely has to do with the fact that I sleep in a lot longer on the weekends— with my preferred wake-up time being after 11am… although I do sometimes settle for 10am.

When I wake up around this time, I do not care how close it is to noon (or even if it is noon by the time I’m finished with my morning duties), but I want breakfast food as an option.

Nothing heavy, just my fruits, juice, and a pancake or waffle. Now, I live in “Miami,” and one may think that it should not be too hard for me to find brunch options—but it is. To be precise, I live west of Miami, and although still in the South Florida area, “breakfast” foods consist mostly of Cuban lunch and dinner foods.

…And Denny’s is not a legit brunch option.

My love of brunching does not exist outside of my want for HEALTHY brunching options. And sorry Denny’s, but your breakfast options are just as syrupy as those sketchy combined drinks.

Healthy brunching options exist galore in New York, D.C., and even at my college dining hall in Wisconsin. South Florida definitely needs to get its act together in the brunching arena. It is easier for me to go brunching in Mexico, Barbados, and Tobago, than it is in South Florida—no bueno.

But this morning, my cravings for a brunch were all to real. I went on Trip Advisor and found out about a (new) brunch place, not too far from me, called “Michi’s.”

IMG_0238Michi’s aim is to show you that eating healthy can taste really good. They pride themselves on being a “unique restaurant where you will find delicious and healthy cuisine with enough variety to delight everyone in your family with the choices.” They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as snacks, happy-hour, and kid friendly choices. It was also founded by a woman named Michelle Posada that was born in Venezuela in 1993! She migrated to the U.S. at the age of 20 (most likely four years ago) and she is literally bossing it up (and is the same age as me)!

At Michi’s per my server’s recommendation I got the Loquito Icon smoothie (blueberry, vanilla whey, protein isolate, banana, and almond butter) where I chose my own base of Almond milk. And, per my own cravings, a Nutella Power Pancake (infused with Nutella and topped with blueberries, strawberries, banana, and more Nutella), which is not infused with Nutella inside despite the description.PicMonkey Collage

The food was amazing AND healthy. I really liked the smoothie and I loved my pancake. Together, both were filling. I also had a glass of water as well. In the end, I did not finish two bites of my pancake or 1/3 of my smoothie.

But, the drive and the food completely satisfied my brunch craving. I will be brunching at Michi’s again. The second time around, I am more inclined to try an omelette/egg dish.


Sincerely, Tawm

p.s. I did do brunch by myself. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot more things solo.