Only in the U.S. could one propose more guns in schools to curb mass shootings.

I wish that I was kidding, but I’m not.

Early last week, I wrote a post about the Parkland shooting which occurred on Valentine’s day in Florida. After the massacre, 17 students and adults were left dead. In spite of their deaths, two days later, Florida legislatures tried to sneakily relax gun laws in the state by hiding it in an agricultural bill. Thankfully, that bill was put on hold once major Florida news outlets picked the story up.

I ended my post early last week stating:

What matters are those who died when they did not have to. What matters is recognizing the hurt and pain students (survivors), parents, and other loved ones—who had to prematurely bury someone– went through. What matters is recognizing that part of their mourning process, will include calls for stricter gun reforms, that should be adhered to. What matters is voting out politicians who will hear those cries, send thoughts and prayers, and do nothing because they’re beholden to the NRA.

Now, I want you to pay attention to the last two sentences of that post.

First, that part of the mourning process will include calls for stricter gun reforms—which is notably the most nonsensical and rational approach to take. And second, that we need to vote out politicians who will hear the mourning, simply send thoughts and prayer, and do nothing about the situation because they’re beholden to the NRA. Now I wish I was making this stuff up, but on Tuesday, February 20th the Florida House opened up with a prayer for those who died on the Valentine’s Day Massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Less than five minutes after that prayer, the Florida House Lawmakers “declined to open debate on a bill that would ban assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines. The motion to debate the bill, introduced by a Democrat, required a two-thirds vote and failed. Thirty-six lawmakers supported it, while 71 voted no. Its merits were not considered.”

Do they not know what irony means? Apparently not, because a lot of Florida lawmakers have an A+ rating from the NRA and receive money from the association. Something that should be considered when one thinks about their voting choices.

This is why South Florida and all politicians must be held accountable. Especially when their position on certain issues goes against that of their constituents and the broader U.S. public.

Most heinously, these GOP lawmakers and supports are now supporting  measures which state, or suggest, that more guns should be allowed in schools, via teacher concealed-carry, to “prevent” mass shootings.


To be fair, there are talks now, and support for, raising the gun buying age to 21—even in Florida—due to a tweet that Donald Trump sent out supporting the measure. However, this, in conjunction with the idea to arm teachers, is most notably the stupidest idea ever.

First, ever since Columbine, guns in school have increased and this has not prevented mass shootings! HELLO: There was an armed cop at Parkland, and a mass shooting still occurred! Apparently, he “froze” when the shooting happened according to local Florida news.  A trained cop froze! But somehow, we expect teachers to, no questions asked, kill a mass shooter that they may have taught or know from their communities.

Second, there’s the most obvious question: Is it impossible for a student to take a gun from a teacher? The answer is resoundingly NO.  Even if we are to raise the age to 21, you’re practically giving younger people access to guns still.

Third, should teachers really put their lives on the line to prevent mass shootings?  Outside of their minimal wages, we do not even supply teachers with enough teaching resources, and are somehow okay with giving them resources of destruction?!?!? Hence why the #ArmMeWith hashtag was started.

Finally, let’s imagine that teachers are armed. Are we really going to deny the fact that teachers can now commit a crime? Will the “defense” of fearing for one’s life still stand when a fed-up teacher shoots a student? To be honest, this really makes me scared for the black and brown students that are already disproportionately disciplined and viewed as threatening by teachers and society at large—even when they aren’t.

All of the ideas which do not include strict gun reform, do not make us safer in the long-term. And unfortunately, those ideas are what is winning over the voices of constituents and broader U.S. public.