Saturday, March 3

Because I have a habit of sleeping early and waking up late, I woke up at 5:11AM on Saturday morning Pacific Standard Time (PST)— whomp. I had to get up early anyway to visit the Hotel’s gift shop, because on Friday night I realized that I didn’t pack my toothpaste. I preface Saturday with this to tell you: never forget your toothpaste! $6.99 for a travel toothpaste is ridiculous! 

Anyway, Saturday was officially the first day of PlannerCon. I woke up early and met my #soloyolo buddy downstairs at 7:30AM in the hotel for breakfast— which was amazing! Candied pecan pancakes and eggs at 3SIXTY:


We then went to PC2018 kickoff at 9AM, with an introduction of the speakers given by Louise.

The first speaker was Kristy Dickerson of START Planner. Her talk was absolutely amazing! Hands down, she was the most inspiring speaker on Saturday. Don’t get me wrong, all of the talks were interesting, personal, and motivational—but Kristy’s was very inspirational on top of all of the other things. Right after her talk, I knew I had to meet her and get her book. Not only did she tell a personal and interesting story to motivate you, but her advice was really practical and applicable to me—which was why it was an inspiration.

tempImageForSave 3

She opened up by asking: when will you quit?

This question at first seems odd, but she followed it by stating a simple fact: we quit a lot. We quit a lot on our dreams, goals, etc. And we need to be clear with ourselves about what our dreams are. How are we defining success within our dreams? Ultimately, success must be defined for ourselves, then we can begin to narrow down what our dreams are about to be balanced. Then the question of quitting isn’t ‘when it will happen,’ but ‘when it will not happen.’ The answer is when we create balance and focus on managing our time to be the most efficient. In this part, what really resonated with me was how to be efficient.

When I think about the dreams of mine that I have given up on, me quitting has usually been because they seemed too difficult or too far out of reach. I don’t have the time, money, networks, etc. But to be efficient with your time and to make your dreams manageable, Kristy said: outsource everything else.  We all have a pretty clear idea of our strengths and weaknesses, but our weaknesses can be outsourced. I think that one of the reasons that my #leftyplanner now exists for my own personal use, is because I unknowingly was doing this for the first time. Kristy saying it was not only an affirmation, but it made sense 100%.

I outsourced my blog header by DM’ing and emailing someone’s whose artwork I liked on Instagram. I outsourced the portions on InDesign of my planner that were too complicated for me to do. And look at them now.

tempImageForSave 4

I won’t continue going through all of the speakers like this, but I did want to share Kristy’s advice, because it can probably help someone else who is currently stuck at their dream. DO NOT QUIT IT!

After Kristy, Kevin Crowell—CEO of Simple Stories and Carpe Diem—spoke about him and his family’s story, and how they got into the world of planning. Afterwards, everyone went off to the first workshops of PlannerCon. I did not sign up for a workshop in session #1, so I just went to my room to relax for a bit, and then went back down after the first workshops ended.

In the main ballroom, before session #2 began, we got to hear from a panel which included Kayla Banda of Oh Hello Co., Angel Elizabeth of Pen Gems, Irene Kwong of Simply Glided, and Melissa Dunfer of Posh Pieces. The discussant—as we would say at an academic conference—was Alex Banda, Kayla’s Husband, of Oh Hello Co. They all gave their stories about what they were doing before they started their businesses, whether or not and from whom did they get support from, and what they love about the planner community.

Everything that they noted about the planner community is true, and I really witnessed it this weekend in the most profound way—via my #soloyolo buddy and others that I met having been friends on Instagram for literally less than a week! The planner community is:

  1. “Fellowship and a really community” – M. Dunfer
  2. “Encouraging. You get encouragement from the people that you meet…reached out to those within the community first starting and they were responsive” – I. Kwong
  3. “Non-judging, yet FULL of difference…made some of [her] best friends” – A. Elizabeth
  4. “So much deeper than just planners—people are supportive. Everyone is trying to be their own boss and no one is doing mean business.” – K. Banda

This understanding of the planner community was consistent throughout the entire weekend. At the end, the aforementioned panel also gave advice to those wanting to start:

  1. “Find a mentor for feedback and for advice. ASK. It never hurts and it’s hard to find a mentor” – M. Dunfer
  2. LISTEN to your heart and find your voice and let it be your own unique voice. Tap into your creative voice” – I. Kwong
  3. KEEP GOING. Especially because this is a very social media run world, don’t be deterred. Keep pushing forward. Keep going.” – A. Elizabeth
  4. “Know that it is important to say YES alot. You never know who is going to become that mentor to help you get to the next level. And it may not just be those within the planner world.” – K. Banda

Workshop session #2 then started. I took the Beginning Lettering class with SAKURA, which lasted a little more than the 90-minute advertised time, but I absolutely loved it! After just one lettering class, I was able to write and decorate my name like this! Admittedly, this got me excited for my other classes since it was amazing, but all the other workshops after this one, were a let-down.


After the second session of workshops ended, the 2018 PlannerCon parties were announced. 2019 PlannerCon was confirmed as the last one which will be had in San Francisco at the Hyatt. They will be moving to a bigger space for future PlannerCons due to the amount of people who would like to come, but tickets are sold out quickly. Although I did not write down the exact dates—they should be available on PlannerCons facebook however—here are the upcoming meetings location:

July– Salt Lake City

August– Cleveland

September– Charlotte

October– San Diego

November– Honolulu

And, they also added a new type of ticket to their yearly conventions and party meet-ups: VIP. It costs $100 more than regular admission tickets to PlannerCon and the PlannerCon parties, however, they say that it gives you the ability to meet and eat with the speakers, more workshops, and generally, more stuff. There are no refunds or transfers on their tickets. I did not get a ticket for a future party, since so much can change and also, none of them take place in any of the East Coast cities I would be willing to go to.

Workshop session #3 then commenced. I signed up for the Meal and Budget Planning with the Erin Condren Team, despite reviews from the prior year which rated this workshop poorly. The line was long and it took us a long while to get into our workshop room. We were probably the only workshop in session #3 which did not start on time. I was really excited for the workshop nonetheless due to my experience with the SAKURA workshop but was let down. It was less meal and budget planning, and more previewing all of the E.C. petite type planners, with a mini workbook of all the types given to get you interested in buying those products.

I was expecting practical meal and budgeting advice.

After that, we ordered a quick dinner to get ready for the Plan-A-Thon hosted by Erin Condren! She told her story and it was very interesting and motivating. Her and her team also gave out a freebie (pictured below with other freebies I had gotten on Saturday, including some free swaps…I ran out of network cards before the Plan-A-Thon).


In the E.C. workshop and during her talk, she emphasized that they listen to their customers which made me willing to approach her afterwards to show her my #leftyplanner. Prior to my own planner, I was an E.C. gyal e-mailing her team—with positive responses—for left-handed binding. It never happened, but E.C. is still someone who inspires me, and I got to show her my book and get it signed by her! She even wrote “Love for Lefties,” in her iconic writing.

PicMonkey Collage-2

Hearing Kristy Dickerson speak earlier, as well as my love for Erin Condren, I wrote down that after PC2018, my dream is to pursue the possibility of maybe becoming the Erin Condren for left-handers (haha). I’m not sure how I would go about doing that, but I am going to vigorously try. On Sunday, I may have figured out how…

On Saturday I ended up visitng more PC Vendors, which inevitably led to more purchases:

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I then retired early.

-Sincerely, Tawm

P.S. I think that my fave seller at PlannerCon 2018 was InkbyJeng. Although I never heard of her/them prior to, I really liked their simple designs and functional products:

D524127C-18BC-4225-83B9-302E43F4A5BA.JPG D524127C-18BC-4225-83B9-302E43F4A5BA.JPG