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I will not really write about Cuba in this post since I am tired of it. Cuba is a beautiful country, not unlike other Caribbean countries; however, right-wing Cubans in Miami mad at the fact that I simply visited Cuba has made talking about Cuba almost exhausting. If you would like to see these discussions, follow me on instagram and view the comments under my photos. I’ve returned from Cuba on Thursday (07/06/18). Cuba was a really interesting country in terms of what I was able to see, who I was able to talk and engage with and it shocked me, since it did not appear quite like what Miami indoctrination about the country would have you to believe. To get to Cuba is hard and I was only able to, thanks to a professional meeting. However, if able to, I recommend that all visit the country and see what it is like. From there, you can make an informed, educated, and nuanced opinion– without mere talking points from politics and an old exile community afforded lavish privileges in the US.

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