“Bubble Tea Miami”

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Vanilla honeydew, with mango bubbles

On Saturday, arch 31st I woke up craving a bubble tea. Instead of going to my favorite weekend spot for bubble tea– SpecialTEA Lounge, I decided to try someplace new instead. That is how I found out about Bubble Tea Miami…and I also saw them on instagram maybe a week prior to visiting. Unlike conventional bubble tea shops, they had differing flavours and they make their tea differently. Bubble Tea Miami is family owned and out from the West Coast– which I did appreciate, but their lack of conventional flavors did present me with a problem. I had to try something not only new, but also very fruity in flavour. Let’s just say that I have not gone back there. The bubble tea that they make just does not sit well with my taste buds. If you like healthier and fruitier bubble tea options, I 100% recommend this place for you!

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The place is nice to come in, sit down and have a drink with friends. When I visited, I wanted to taste their breakfast waffle, however, they were “out.” I’m sure that the food in this place will be bomb– being from the West Coast and all– even if the bubble tea wasn’t the best for me.

“The Salty Donut”

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So, I’m probably a bit biased since I LOVE donuts, but all the hype surrounding The Salty Donut exists for a reason. The selection of donuts as well as the taste of the donuts are UH-MAZING! These donuts are super delicious. I also visited The Salty Donut on a Saturday morning and there was a line. The line moved pretty quickly and the donuts were well worth the wait! I got the Banana Hazelnut donut and a regular glazed one. Both tasted like perfection. If you get here earlier than I did (maybe around 10AM) you can bring your family, friends, or partner, sit down and enjoy your donuts. If you’re a foodie who loves dessert, when you visit Miami you must also visit The Salty Donut.

The selection of donuts are also pretty extensive and if you follow me on instagram and saw my posts/stories, you’d know just how wide the selection is. For now, a sneak peek on the blog will have to suffice.

“107 Coffee & Dessert” (now, “107 Taste”)

ACS_0004I keep telling people that this is my favorite food spot, although i essentially get the same 2-3 items every time I visit: a milk bubble tea, Thai fried rice/scallion pancake, and I did try the 107 waffle once. This place has been a hidden gem that I only discovered in May! Not only do they serve bubble tea and Asian food (Thai, Korean, etc.), but they also serve amazing desserts! The original name was a bit misleading. They do sell coffee and dessert, but they also sell a substantial amount of food and will be adding a beer list soon. I just realized that they changed their name yesterday to 107 taste and it is probably because the original name would not draw people in for a lunch or dessert. If you’re ever in the Tamiami, SW 8 st area, I 100% recommend you go to 107. The inside also gives off city (NYC/Chicago) vibes.


The 107 waffle. I was only able to finish 1/2, the serving sizes are really filling/big

“Kush by LoKal”

IMG_9218.jpgI finally feel like a true person living in the South, since I’ve eaten chicken and waffles! The food and the locally brewed beer here is good. It is definitely more of a hipster spot, not too far from Wynwood and in a neighborhood being gentrified, but I stumbled upon this gem via a recommendation after protesting in solidarity with those going #RedForEd. On the chicken, the siracha syrup was excellent with a tinge of spices, but for the waffles, regular syrup was necessary. Contrary to my waitresses recommendation, I knew that with my taste buds, siracha on a waffle was a ‘no’ for me. Nonetheless, I did give it a try just in case.