Love hearing people rant about politics, their lives, and other not so fragile topics? Well you’ve come to the right place–and it’s not the weird side of Youtube.

Unfortunately, I’m not a hip millennial and I don’t claim to be cool… So if you’re here for fashion advice, tips on going vegan, or how to become insta-famous, you’ve come to the wrong place.

However, this is a place for personal growth, passing time, and reading (my views on/of) progressive politics. What you get is hopefully a community of grad students and others who feel the same way that (you, and ) I do… although maybe not necessarily down with making a blog.

Join me– or not– as I journey through the exciting, frustrating, and a bit lonely path of grad school, while navigating the world of American (U.S.) and International Politics.

Part of my reasoning for starting this blog, is because I felt that there was a demand for quirky grad school posts by young black women– which was not being met. So I thought why not attempt to contribute, and upkeep, my own blog for the one or two wandering people searching for someone in a similar, or the same, position.

If you would like to know more about my research interests and/or what I have been up to as a PhD student, you can check my other site out here. It is not updated as regularly as I would like, since it is still a work in progress. Someday I will find the time and motivation to be invested in my academic online presence. But for now, as a student, blogging is easier and more fun in terms of interaction with others.

My name is Tamanisha (TAWM-uh-nee-sha), and as you can see, I 💛 grad school! I’m a Ph.D. student in the International Relations department at FIU where I am mostly interested in studying financial issues in the Former English Caribbean Colonies (FECC).