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Late Post 3: Miami Food Finds

Posted on 2018-06-11

“Bubble Tea Miami” On Saturday, arch 31st I woke up craving a bubble tea. Instead of going to my favorite weekend spot for bubble tea– SpecialTEA Lounge, I decided to try someplace new instead. That is how I found out about Bubble Tea Miami…and I also saw them on instagram maybe a week prior to visiting. Unlike conventional bubble tea shops, they had differing flavours and they make their tea differently. Bubble Tea Miami is family owned and out from the West Coast– which I did appreciate, but their lack of conventional flavors did present me with a problem. I had to try something not only new, but also very fruity in flavour. Let’s just say that I have not gone back there. The…

Finally, A (Healthy) Brunch Shop in South Florida!

Posted on 2018-02-25

For those that know me, brunch is my favorite meal to have on the weekends. It most likely has to do with the fact that I sleep in a lot longer on the weekends— with my preferred wake-up time being after 11am… although I do sometimes settle for 10am. When I wake up around this time, I do not care how close it is to noon (or even if it is noon by the time I’m finished with my morning duties), but I want breakfast food as an option. Nothing heavy, just my fruits, juice, and a pancake or waffle. Now, I live in “Miami,” and one may think that it should not be too hard for me to find brunch options—but it is.…