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Black Panther. A Review

Posted on 2018-02-26

On Friday, February 23rd I finally saw the movie Black Panther! I went with eight other graduate students to watch it at the AMC 18 Tamiami theatre at 6:20PM. 6:20PM was the only showing that had enough seats for all of us! We did have to get tickets prior to, because even though the movie had been out the weekend prior, it was still selling out quick. Admittedly, I had wanted to see it on its opening weekend, however, although I was totally willing to avoid all of my responsibilities to see the movie on February 15th, my friends were not. I also had other concerns, particularly whether or not large gatherings to see, what could only be described as a BLACK movie, would…

Call Me By Your Name (CMBYN). A Review

Posted on 2017-12-27

This past Saturday, on December 23rd, I went to see the movie Call Me By Your Name, at The Paris Theatre on W 58th St. My friends– new and long acquainted–and I had originally intended to go ice skating, but it rained and was cold all day on Saturday. So my newly acquainted friend recommended we go see this new movie at the theatre, and I am glad that we received this recommendation. It is very rare to get me to go and see a romance film, a drama film, and even rom-coms. But I LOVE a good film. So, from time to time, I find myself only interested in watching the three aforementioned genres above, if I feel like the movie will be really…