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Knock Down the House: A Review

Posted on 2019-03-15

Please note that my review may include some spoilers. In terms of my recommendations, I give this documentary a 10/10– thus a “must see.” On March 6th I attended a viewing of “Knock Down the House” as part of the Miami Film Festival (#MFF) at Spotlight Cinema in Downtown Miami. Knock Down the House is a documentary written and directed by Rachel Lears, which follows the 2018 primary campaigns of four working class women who present challenges to politicians benefiting from the unfair structure of money in politics within their districts/state. Those women are Cori Bush, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Paula Jean Swearengin, and Amy Vilela all three of whom were backed by progressive organizations like Justice Democrats. The documentary itself feels very authentic and raw.…

The GOP Assault on Higher Education

Posted on 2017-12-05

Let’s pretend for a second, that the Trump Administration didn’t put Betsy DeVos in charge of U.S. Education system. Although her holding the U.S. Secretary of Education title is troubling enough, I want you to imagine an alternative reality. In this alternate reality, one might expect the downfall of the U.S. education system to not be as imminent–  however, in the now meme-famous words of Trump: WRONG! An article published yesterday by The Intercept, titled House Republicans Want to end Student Loan Forgiveness for Public Interest Jobs, they reveal that Republicans want, not only to ensure that higher education is untenable for poor and middle class people, but also that paying off debts from student loans are also almost impossible. As with the inaccurate branding of…