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Long Overdue, Grad School Update

Posted on 2019-03-14

It seems that I have been away from my blog for exactly eight months now. If you’re still following my writing even with my inconsistency, then, thank you. If you’re no longer following and just happen to be passing by and seeing this post, I also want to thank you, because you shouldn’t have to put up with something that is not consistent. Due to my inconsistency, I have merged my more personal blog with this one, so that all of my blogging is under one umbrella. Hopefully, this makes it so that blogging doesn’t seem like an overwhelming feat for me–in terms of thinking which type of post goes where, etc.– which may help me be more consistent when it comes to blogging. To…

Safeguarding the Fragile Male Ego in Academia

Posted on 2018-06-11

‘Hey, I think you should do it this way…not because what you have is wrong, but maybe it’d read easier like this.’  I found myself saying this to a male colleague last semester, instead of outrightly saying: ‘what you wrote makes no sense to me, no matter how much I re-read it.’ I said the former because I knew that if I said what the exact problem was he (1) would not believe me and (2) tell people just how much of a bitch Tamanisha always is.  Unsurprisingly, he had other males read what he wrote too, and I do believe that they told him the exact problem without any fluff.  These men would never be subjected to number 2—however, as a trusted female…

Why must POC recount the trauma, violence, and stress in our lives, to be considered a legitimate applicant in a University’s diversity pool?

Posted on 2017-12-28

This twitter screenshot image has been floating around Facebook for awhile now, and I can’t help but to relate. In academia— just as in the media— people of colour (POC) are rarely given the opportunity to showcase the nuance that exist in our lives.  Instead, our lives are to have been traumatic for our experiences to matter to those in the academy. It is purposefully set up this way, because it is through recounting traumas and stresses in our lives, that people of color are able to gain entrance into the academy. It’s almost like we must showcase this sort of stressful performance art for white decision makers, and token POC that can be empathetic to our experiences. Earlier today, I read a piece…