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Tennessee Fails to Condemn Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, and the Alt-Right…because to do so would be “Divisive”

Posted on 2018-03-16

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but presently, we live in a world where morality and ethics are increasingly seen as solely relative. This has allowed pleas for morality when it comes to our interactions with each other to simply be ‘liberal buzzwords’ and ‘emotional pleas,’ from those who fight for human rights and legislative decency and/or justice. No longer is this a debate amongst philosophers, but apparently, the debate has ended. This is troubling. I cannot think of any instance, where the persecution of someone based on race, for instance, is morally ‘relative’ versus ‘universal.’ Can you? In this climate, to question the morality of a white supremacist is considered ‘bashing.’ Therefore, it is implied that we must take…

Volunteering in Little Haiti: Democracy Lives in US— and is under attack.

Posted on 2018-02-11

So, as part of blogging my politics as a graduate student, I think it’s also nice to—every once in awhile—also post about some of the fun things that I get to do in grad school. Something fun that I was able to partake in on February 8th, 2018 as a volunteer— was the “Democracy Lives in Miami” event. Going in, I was unsure of what volunteering would entail, but the event sounded interesting and would give MALOKA (a grad student organization) some CSO points. I volunteered my time from 5 PM to 8:30 PM—mostly signing people up who didn’t initially RSVP to the event, to the event, so that they could attend. I also got to walk around Little Haiti a bit—something that I’ve…

Happy New Year!

Posted on 2018-01-01

In short, we must intensify the struggle against a structural condition within the U.S. and replace it with something more progressive. However, because most people view their progressiveness outside of other populations realities, I have a feeling that in Sanders progressive vision, people of color and immigrants will continue to be disproportionately negatively affected.