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The #GradTax is out of the final GOP Bill– Why I am still not Celebrating

Posted on 2017-12-19

The final tax bill by the GOP is still trash. Although the #GradTax is no longer in the bill, the #GOPTaxPlan still shits on the lower and middle classes in the long term— and does nothing for U.S. economic growth. We will most likely experience another recession/depression in 2020/2021 —and even though, to all my fellow graduate students, it looks like they won’t be taxing fictitious income—as low-income Americans, we will suffer still in the long term. Additionally, the current administration continues to pose threats to higher education and a free internet. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) was just given a list of banned words, in an effort to avoid certain types of language so that it could “ease the path toward budget…

The GOP Assault on Higher Education

Posted on 2017-12-05

Let’s pretend for a second, that the Trump Administration didn’t put Betsy DeVos in charge of U.S. Education system. Although her holding the U.S. Secretary of Education title is troubling enough, I want you to imagine an alternative reality. In this alternate reality, one might expect the downfall of the U.S. education system to not be as imminent–  however, in the now meme-famous words of Trump: WRONG! An article published yesterday by The Intercept, titled House Republicans Want to end Student Loan Forgiveness for Public Interest Jobs, they reveal that Republicans want, not only to ensure that higher education is untenable for poor and middle class people, but also that paying off debts from student loans are also almost impossible. As with the inaccurate branding of…

FCCs Ajit Pai wants to end Net Neutrality– The End of Critical Scholarship?

Posted on 2017-11-24

Something that has been bugging me, both with the whole GOP Tax Plan and the FCC wanting to get rid of Net Neutrality– which is largely opposed by the American people— is how both of these things put limitations on higher education and education in general. What would an internet run by corporations look like? What does it mean for scholarship that is critical of corporations? Particularly those of media corporations, is especially mind boggling. It seems that this administration is purposefully wanting to censor, guide, and direct the types of information– including misinformation– that is allowed into the American public. This of course, has ramifications for the types of scholarships that are heard and allowed into societal discussions. It is quite absurd that…