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Socialism 2018

Posted on 2018-07-10

On Wednesday, July 4th, myself (Vice Secretary) and the Vice chair of YDSA FIU were able to attend the Socialism 2018 conference in Chicago. None of this would have been possible for us, had it not been for the South Florida International Socialist Organization (SF ISO). SF ISO informed YDSA FIU about the conference in April of the Spring 2018 semester, and then secured our flights to and from Miami and Chicago for us. So, what is Socialism 2018? Much as the name suggests, it’s a gathering of 2,000+ socialists who believe that human beings should come before profit. The annual Socialism Conference “has brought together revolutionaries and activists to exchange and debate ideas to advance our struggles” for more than two decades. To…

Preparing for Comps, Grad School

Posted on 2018-01-25

This semester, I have one class and am doing comps prep (preparing for my comprehensive examinations). I am in an International Relations PhD program at FIU, where I focus on foreign policy and security—with a broad concentration on International Relations and the Caribbean. My Comprehensive Exams will consist of 5 questions— 2 belonging to core IR theory, 2 on my 2 major focuses: foreign policy + security, and 1 on my minor concentration: Caribbean politics. The good thing is, that I have read many of these books before and have taken extensive notes on them. I have highlighted material that I am confident with below. The bad thing is, at face value, the whole preparation aspect of it can seem daunting. I am just…