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“Freedom Is Still More Expansive Than Civil Rights”

Posted on 2018-04-30

This past week, I was given the opportunity to present at the 19th Annual SALISES conference in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The theme of the conference was “Sustainable Futures for the Caribbean: Critical Interventions and the 2030 Agenda.” I learned a great deal from that conference and was able to see a lot of great presentations and take-in a lot of knowledge from those presentations… However, that is not what this blog post is about. That information simply sets the stage for my leisure reading that I was able to do on my way to Jamaica and whilst in Jamaica. I decided to take the book Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement by Angel Y. Davis with a…

Tennessee Fails to Condemn Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, and the Alt-Right…because to do so would be “Divisive”

Posted on 2018-03-16

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but presently, we live in a world where morality and ethics are increasingly seen as solely relative. This has allowed pleas for morality when it comes to our interactions with each other to simply be ‘liberal buzzwords’ and ‘emotional pleas,’ from those who fight for human rights and legislative decency and/or justice. No longer is this a debate amongst philosophers, but apparently, the debate has ended. This is troubling. I cannot think of any instance, where the persecution of someone based on race, for instance, is morally ‘relative’ versus ‘universal.’ Can you? In this climate, to question the morality of a white supremacist is considered ‘bashing.’ Therefore, it is implied that we must take…

NRA + GOP: Thoughts & Prayers Do Not Stop Gun Massacres in the U.S.

Posted on 2018-02-19

On Valentine’s Day 2018, Nikolas Cruz walked in to his old high school in Parkland, Florida and massacred 17 students, teachers, and adults. As with many cases of mass shootings in the U.S., many people were quick to send their “thoughts and prayers.” Republicans and their supported decried “politicizing” the issue—or in other words, bringing up gun reform and control in light of the 18th mass shooting in the U.S. for the year. Unsurprisingly, most politicians in South Florida are beholden to the National Rifle Association (NRA), receiving large sums of money from the association. Needless to say, despite the massacre hitting home, most South Florida representatives were in the “not politicizing” camp. However, let me be very clear: the South Florida shooting did…

The GOP Assault on Higher Education

Posted on 2017-12-05

Let’s pretend for a second, that the Trump Administration didn’t put Betsy DeVos in charge of U.S. Education system. Although her holding the U.S. Secretary of Education title is troubling enough, I want you to imagine an alternative reality. In this alternate reality, one might expect the downfall of the U.S. education system to not be as imminent–  however, in the now meme-famous words of Trump: WRONG! An article published yesterday by The Intercept, titled House Republicans Want to end Student Loan Forgiveness for Public Interest Jobs, they reveal that Republicans want, not only to ensure that higher education is untenable for poor and middle class people, but also that paying off debts from student loans are also almost impossible. As with the inaccurate branding of…

FCCs Ajit Pai wants to end Net Neutrality– The End of Critical Scholarship?

Posted on 2017-11-24

Something that has been bugging me, both with the whole GOP Tax Plan and the FCC wanting to get rid of Net Neutrality– which is largely opposed by the American people— is how both of these things put limitations on higher education and education in general. What would an internet run by corporations look like? What does it mean for scholarship that is critical of corporations? Particularly those of media corporations, is especially mind boggling. It seems that this administration is purposefully wanting to censor, guide, and direct the types of information– including misinformation– that is allowed into the American public. This of course, has ramifications for the types of scholarships that are heard and allowed into societal discussions. It is quite absurd that…

The GOP Tax Plan isn’t good for most Americans, including Graduate Students

Posted on 2017-11-19

86% of my income as a graduate student, goes towards bills.  This percentage does not include gas expenses, cost of groceries, costs of books, or any other items. [I also have two roommates]. The current tax plan as proposed by the GOP, in the form of tax cuts for wealthy Americans, worries me. It worries me and other graduate students because it would mean that we would have to leave our graduate programs– unable to afford them. As an FIU graduate student, I am not allowed to work outside of the University, otherwise, I could lose my graduate funding. This makes sense, because ideally, I am supposed to be finishing my PhD in as little time as possible.  However, because the pay grade does…