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The #GradTax is out of the final GOP Bill– Why I am still not Celebrating

Posted on 2017-12-19

The final tax bill by the GOP is still trash. Although the #GradTax is no longer in the bill, the #GOPTaxPlan still shits on the lower and middle classes in the long term— and does nothing for U.S. economic growth. We will most likely experience another recession/depression in 2020/2021 —and even though, to all my fellow graduate students, it looks like they won’t be taxing fictitious income—as low-income Americans, we will suffer still in the long term. Additionally, the current administration continues to pose threats to higher education and a free internet. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) was just given a list of banned words, in an effort to avoid certain types of language so that it could “ease the path toward budget…

#GradTaxWalkOut ; Why we must RESIST the GOP Tax Bill

Posted on 2017-12-01

In this blog, I envisioned talking about aspects of my life, in terms of how these specific varying aspects of me, relate to my own personal politics whilst in grad school. This has been a bit hard to do, as it seems my being in grad school is currently under-attack. Quite literally. On Wednesday I participated in the #GradTaxWalkout and with good reason. I will paste a more in-depth analysis on why I am personally opposed to the GOP tax-plan, and I would also like to thank for reaching out to myself and other graduate students about the GOP Tax Bill. Here is my elongated response to refinery29: As an FIU graduate student, I am not allowed to work outside of the University,…